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Toronto supports high-rise kids

With more and more condos dotting the skyline in recent years, the City of Toronto launched the strategic initiative “Growing Up: Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities."

According to Stats Can’s 2011 Census, 66% of households with children lived in condos or apartments in downtown Toronto and 32% in the City of Toronto as a whole. Nationally, one in eight households lived in condos or apartments.

Planner Andrea Oppedisano, who worked on the project, told me she’s excited to see the latest Census numbers coming out in October, since the stats are expected to jump even more. “I’m very, very curious about those numbers,” she says. “There’s been a lot of (condo) completions in the last five years, especially in the downtown. So it will be interesting to see who is living in those buildings. You sort of know anecdotally because you see where the strollers are, but it will be very telling.”

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