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The Case of the Disappearing Pool Monster now available on Amazon!

The third book in The Condo Kids series is now available for purchase on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

The latest adventure finds the Condo Kids on the hunt for a mysterious underwater monster rumoured to be living in the condo pool. They investigate the situation and realize something strange is going on, but how can they prove it? Every time adults are around, the mysterious creature disappears. To make matters worse, the parents think the Condo Kids are just causing mischief and threaten to break them up once and for all. Will the Condo Kids manage to reveal what’s lurking below the water before their parents put an end to all of their fun? The pool monster’s life may depend on it!

Book signings for The Case of the Disappearing Pool Monster will be held at Yorkdale Indigo on March 31, Chapters Newmarket on April 14 and Indigo Eaton Centre on April 27, all starting at 11 a.m. Please bring your little readers out to an event near you!

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