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That's a wrap on summer book tour!

It's been an incredible few months for The Condo Kids with the final book signing of the summer taking place yesterday at Chapters Bayview Village in Toronto. We've travelled to Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Owen Sound, Mississauga and many book stores throughout Toronto to spread the word about The Condo Kids book series. I have had the privilege of meeting so many adorable little readers this summer as well as parents, grandparents, super aunts, fellow authors and supportive book store staff members. I am SO very grateful! Yesterday I was telling a little girl how much she reminded me of the fashionista character named Ava in the book and she exclaimed: "My name is Ava!!!" Thanks so much to everyone for supporting The Condo Kids and for sending so much encouragement my way throughout this whirlwind experience! Stay tuned for The Condo Kids: Project Haunted Condo set for release next month.

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