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Condo families on the rise!

It's Statistics Canada official: the condo kids are taking over Toronto!

Since the last Census in 2011, there were 10,500 more Toronto families with children living in condos, up to 129,000 from 118,000. The growth of these condo families (8.9 per cent) was more than double the growth of families (3.9 per cent) in the region. The 2016 Census also revealed of the 994,000 families with kids living in Toronto, 13 per cent called condos their home.

“Condominiums represent an alternative to perhaps the traditional ideology of home ownership, which may be attached or steeped in this white picket fence, single-detached home ideal,” says Jeff Randall, an analyst with Statistics Canada.

You can check out my full Toronto Star article featuring some of these condo families who say they are enjoying the community spirit developing in high-rise towers across city.

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