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Introducing Ruby, the Condo Puppy!

In the first Condo Kids book, Noah is so desperate for a pet that he smuggles a Barbary sheep named Bob home from the local zoo. The story idea was born out of my oldest son’s desperation for a dog and my reluctance to grant him his wish. Well… after years of begging and pleading for a furry friend, my son’s dream finally came true! Three weeks ago we adopted Ruby, an adorable Frenchie puppy. My son has cried actual tears of happiness while I have cried actual ‘what have I done?!’ tears during 3 a.m. howling sessions. But aside from the doggie learning curve and that emergency trip to the vet on Thanksgiving Sunday, everything is just peachy. We are all in love with Ruby’s warm and cuddly nature and are excited to have a new family member added to the mix.

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