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The Condo Kids: From Chile to Canada!

Children are captivated by the incredible illustrations in The Condo Kids books…And it’s totally safe for me to brag about this because I didn’t draw them! Ana Pantakar is the uber-talented illustrator responsible for bringing Noah, Michael, Ava and all the other Condo Kids to life, and ensuring all the little readers fall in love with the adorable Bob the Barbary Sheep. Ana uses a combination of water colours and colour pencil effects in her plush drawings, which awaken little readers' imaginations as they follow the adventures of the Condo Kids around the building. Several of Ana's works, caricatures, characters, mascots, cartoons and stylized illustrations are circulating in the digital universe. Her partner Mukul Matey, is responsible for all the design and layout of the Condo Kids books. Despite the fact we’ve all worked together for years now, we’ve actually never met! All of our correspondence has been by email from Chile, where Ana and Mukul run their business. Ana is now hard at work on the illustrations for book #3 in the series: The Case of the Disappearing Pool Monster. Check out the couple’s super cool New Year’s greeting. Now I can picture them working away in their office, half a world away!

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